Making Money Easy

Making Money Easy, an initiative by Participate Australia, collaborated with us to develop an innovative eLearning platform. Aimed at enhancing financial literacy among individuals with intellectual disabilities, this project involved creating a comprehensive LMS platform. It included a custom WordPress website, integrated with Moodle, to facilitate accessible, engaging, and interactive learning. Our collaboration focused on revamping the visual identity, developing user-friendly content, and setting up a functional eCommerce system for enrollments and subscriptions. 

Project overview
About Making Money Easy

Making Money Easy is a pioneering eLearning program developed by Participate Australia to enhance financial literacy among individuals with intellectual disabilities. It’s a comprehensive, modular system teaching basic to complex financial transactions in an engaging and accessible online environment. The program is designed for ease of use, incorporating assistive technology and providing a safe learning space.

Project Specifics

This project aimed to transform Participate Australia’s financial literacy program into an accessible, portable, and engaging eLearning system. It involved creating a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS), initially for Participate Australia users, with potential expansion to other organizations. The development included extensive research, user evaluation, and integration of interactive elements like quizzes and gamification.

Brantive's involvement

We took a holistic approach to develop this platform, starting from a custom WordPress site integrated with Moodle. Our work included a logo redesign, branding for lesson materials, content creation, project guidance and a meticulous web design in XD for a pixel-perfect WordPress execution. The Moodle site was custom-developed for course management and user engagement, with a focus on easy navigation and interactive learning. Our integration effort ensured the platform was not just user-friendly for learners but also streamlined for the MME team to manage courses and enrollment effectively.

Starting from ground zero

The Making Money Easy project, designed for individuals with intellectual disabilities, presented unique challenges. Ensuring the eLearning platform was intuitive and accessible required careful attention to diverse literacy and motor skills. This involved creating content that was easy to read and engaging for an intellectually diverse audience, demanding extra care in language use and imagery. This was compounded by limited visual resources from the client.

Additionally, integrating WordPress with Moodle posed technical challenges. We needed to ensure a seamless transition between the site for general information and the Moodle platform for the actual coursework, to ensure a consistent experience for learners and administrators.

Furthermore, the project hit a snag when a third-party supplier, responsible for creating the SCORM files for Moodle, unexpectedly ceased operations. This situation arose despite the client having these files for a few months prior to our involvement. Consequently, we faced technical hurdles in integrating these SCORM files into the new Moodle system, which required prompt and efficient problem-solving from our team to ensure the project remained on track and met its timeline goals.

Next-level e-Learning: WordPress and Moodle integration

The success of the Making Money Easy project, a collaborative effort with Participate Australia, marks a significant achievement in the field of eLearning, especially for individuals with intellectual disabilities. The integration of WordPress and Moodle was a cornerstone of this project, showcasing our expertise in creating a seamless, user-friendly platform that bridged these two powerful systems. This integration facilitated an intuitive learning environment, crucial for the project’s target audience.

Our team’s proficiency in creating an engaging and accessible digital experience was demonstrated by the carefully crafted content, ensuring readability and interaction that catered to the diverse needs of the learners. The technical expertise required for this project was particularly evident in the successful resolution of issues arising from the third-party SCORM file integration into Moodle, a testament to our team’s problem-solving capabilities.

The project outcomes were multifaceted: from enhancing financial literacy among the target audience to establishing a robust online educational platform that could be scaled and replicated. The positive feedback from users and the client underscored the project’s impact, reflecting the effectiveness of our tailored approach and the value of our comprehensive digital solutions in complex educational contexts.

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Discover the elegant, educational design of Making Money Easy's website, tailored for user ease.
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Experience Making Money Easy on the go with a fast-loading, easy-to-read mobile version.
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Integrated Moodle dashboard, effortlessly embedded in the WordPress environment.
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Engaging guide design transforms educational material into an attractive, readable format for Making Money Easy.
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Feature-packed student dashboard of Making Money Easy, designed for interactive and immersive education.
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