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Personalized branding services in Vancouver.

At Brantive Digital Marketing, we simplify branding. Your unique story deserves to be told, and we’re here to do just that. Our branding agency services are straightforward, focusing on what sets your business apart and connecting you with your audience. We believe in creating a brand identity that resonates with your customers and stands out in the market.

Whether it’s crafting an eye-catching logo, developing a social media presence, or creating a comprehensive marketing strategy, our team ensures every step is clear, direct, and effective. We’re committed to making your brand shine, focusing on strategies that drive real business growth. 

Let’s take your brand to the next level. With Brantive Digital Marketing, you get brand services that are tailored to your needs, focused on your goals, and designed for your success. Reach out to us, and let’s start shaping the future of your brand today.

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At Brantive Digital Marketing, we guide you through creating a brand that looks great and works even better. Our method is simple: combine beautiful design with smart strategy. This way, your brand stands out and delivers real results.

Logo design

Think of your logo as your brand’s first hello. Our logo design service crafts logos that are more than just pretty; they tell your brand’s story. We focus on creating memorable logos that truly represent what your brand stands for, making sure they leave a lasting impact.

Logo revamp

Is your logo feeling a bit outdated? Let’s give it a refresh. Our logo revamp service is all about updating your brand’s first impression. We keep the essence of your original logo but add a modern twist, ensuring it resonates with today’s audience and stays true to your evolving brand story.

Print design

Print isn’t just old school; it’s a classic. Our print designs make sure your brand is noticed and remembered in every brochure, business card, or banner. We mix creative flair with strategic thinking, ensuring your print materials are not just seen but make a statement.

Digital design

In today’s world, your digital look is key. We’re experts at digital design, from website visuals to online ads. We make sure every design element reflects your brand’s unique character, making your digital presence not just visible, but unforgettable.

Branding identity

Your brand’s identity is more than a logo; it’s its entire personality. We help you shape this identity, covering everything from visual style to the tone of voice. Let’s work together to make your brand truly stand out and be recognized.

Signage design

Great signage design gets you noticed. Our team crafts signs that grab attention and communicate your brand message loud and clear. We ensure your physical presence is as strong and compelling as your digital one.


Turn complex information into easy-to-grasp visuals with our infographics. We design information to be engaging and shareable, enhancing how your brand communicates and educates. Our infographics make learning about your brand fun and easy.

Related services

Branding is more than just your logo. It’s about your whole brand story. We offer a range of services to make sure your brand stands out everywhere. From your online content to the design of your business cards, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to make sure your brand’s message is clear and powerful, wherever it appears.



Crafting a compelling brand identity in seven essential stages.

01. Briefing
Our process starts with a comprehensive briefing session. Here, we sit down with you to understand your vision, goals, and specific requirements for your brand. This collaborative session helps us align with your expectations and forms the basis for our research and strategy development.
02. Brand research
Delving deep into research, we explore your market position, target audience, competitor landscape, and current branding efforts. This involves examining your company’s mission, values, and unique selling points. A thorough brand audit at this stage lays the groundwork for an effective branding strategy.
03. Roadmap
Here, we develop a roadmap to success, guiding you through the necessary steps to achieve your branding objectives. This roadmap outlines a strategic path, focusing on key milestones and tactics required to reach your goals. It's about giving you the clarity and direction needed to elevate your brand effectively.
4. Brand identity
We then develop your brand's visual identity. This stage involves designing key elements like your logo, typeface, color palette, and more. The goal is to ensure a consistent, memorable, and engaging brand identity.
5. Tools
At this stage, we create the essential tools for your brand’s communication and marketing. This could include your website, social media profiles, digital newsletters, and physical marketing materials. These tools are designed to effectively engage your audience and support your broader marketing and business goals.
6. Brand launch
The brand launch is your introduction to the world. We plan and execute both internal and external launch strategies, ensuring your team is aligned with the brand and ready to showcase it to your audience. The external launch focuses on making a strong first impression in the market, capturing attention, and establishing your brand presence.
7. Growth
Brand building is an ongoing process. We work with you to continually adapt and evolve your brand strategy based on market changes, audience preferences, and business growth. This includes refining SEO strategies, running social media campaigns, and adjusting your marketing approaches to ensure your brand remains relevant and strong.

Answers to your burning questions about branding services in Vancouver.

Branding services encompass a range of strategies and creative designs aimed at building a strong, positive image for your business. At Brantive, our services go beyond the basics. We focus on crafting a unique narrative that encapsulates your brand’s essence, values, and goals.

Our services include creating distinctive logos, developing a coherent social media presence, and establishing a comprehensive brand identity. These efforts are designed to ensure your brand not only attracts but also retains a loyal customer base, effectively setting you apart in the competitive market.

Choosing Brantive in Vancouver means partnering with a team that combines local insights with global expertise. Our deep understanding of diverse markets, particularly in Vancouver, enables us to create branding solutions that are both culturally relevant and globally appealing. We pride ourselves on our client-centric approach, ensuring each branding strategy is tailored to your unique story and business objectives.

Our team of skilled professionals brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the table, making Brantive an ideal choice for businesses seeking impactful and personalized branding.

Effective branding is crucial for any business aiming to establish a strong market presence. It goes beyond mere aesthetics to build a connection with your audience. Good branding elevates your business’s visibility, sets you apart from competitors, and fosters customer loyalty. It creates a memorable identity that consumers can relate to and trust.

By clearly communicating your values and mission, branding help attract your target audience and convert them into long-term customers, ultimately driving growth and profitability.

Our comprehensive services include a variety of elements tailored to your specific needs. We start with in-depth market research to understand your brand’s positioning and audience. Our services cover logo design, where we create a visual symbol that effectively represents your brand’s core values.

We also develop a complete brand identity, encompassing everything from typography and color schemes to the tone of voice used in your communications. Additionally, we provide digital and print design services to ensure your brand’s consistency across various platforms.

We focus on creating a cohesive and compelling brand narrative that resonates with your audience and strengthens your market presence.

Our logo design process at Brantive is both collaborative and creative. We begin by understanding your brand’s story, values, and target audience. Our team of designers then crafts a logo that is not only visually striking but also embodies the essence of your brand. We focus on creating a logo that is memorable, versatile, and timeless, ensuring it works across various mediums and resonates with your audience.


Whether it’s a completely new design or a revamp of an existing logo, our goal is to create a visual identity that makes a lasting impression.

Yes, our expertise extends to both digital and print design, ensuring a seamless brand presence across all mediums. Our digital branding services encompass website design, social media graphics, and online advertising, focusing on creating visually appealing and user-friendly digital experiences.

For print design, we create materials such as brochures, business cards, and banners that effectively communicate your brand message and leave a tangible impact. Our holistic approach ensures your brand’s visual identity is consistent, engaging, and aligned with your overall marketing strategy.

Brand identity is the complete visual and communicative representation of your brand. It includes your logo, color palette, typography, imagery, and the overall tone of your communications. A well-defined brand identity is crucial as it helps in creating a strong and consistent image in the minds of your audience.


It makes your brand easily recognizable and differentiates it from competitors. A strong brand identity also fosters a sense of trust and reliability among your customers, contributing significantly to brand loyalty and business success.

Absolutely! At Brantive, we cater to businesses of all sizes, from small business branding services to established corporations. We understand that each business has its unique challenges and goals. Our approach is to provide customized branding solutions that align with your specific business needs.

We work closely with you to understand your brand’s story, audience, and objectives, ensuring our strategies are not just effective but also highly personalized.

Whether you’re looking to establish a new brand or reinvent an existing one, our team is equipped to deliver branding solutions that are both innovative and results-driven, regardless of your business size.

The duration of the branding process at Brantive Digital Marketing varies depending on the scope and complexity of your project. We start with a thorough briefing and research phase to fully understand your vision and market dynamics. Following this, the creative development of your brand identity, including logo design and other key elements, can take several weeks to a few months.


We ensure that each stage of the process, from conceptualization to final implementation, is done meticulously and in collaboration with you. Our goal is to not only meet but exceed your expectations, which means we take the time needed to get every detail right.

Yes, we specialize in giving existing brands a fresh, modern makeover. Understanding that your brand has a history and an established audience, our approach is to refresh your brand’s look while maintaining its core essence. This might include updating your logo, revising your brand color palette, or redefining your overall visual identity to align with current trends and audience preferences.


We focus on enhancing your brand’s relevance and appeal in today’s market, ensuring that the revamp strengthens your brand’s connection with both existing and new customers.

At Brantive, we develop a comprehensive brand strategy that serves as a blueprint for all branding activities. This strategy includes detailed guidelines on your brand’s visual elements like logos, color schemes, typography, and imagery, as well as your brand’s tone and messaging. These guidelines ensure that whether your brand appears on digital platforms, in print, or through other mediums, it maintains a consistent and coherent identity.


This consistency is key in building a strong, recognizable brand that resonates with your audience no matter where they encounter it.

What sets Brantive’s services apart is our unique blend of creativity and data-driven insights. Our team is not just composed of creative minds but also analytical thinkers who use data to inform branding strategies. This combination ensures that our branding services agency are not only visually stunning and innovative but also grounded in market realities and customer insights.

Our commitment to a client-centric approach, where we tailor our services to meet your specific needs, further enhances the uniqueness and effectiveness of our solutions.

Client involvement is integral to our branding process at Brantive. From the initial briefing session to final approvals, your input and feedback are crucial. We involve you in key stages such as brand research, strategy development, and creative design. Regular updates and review meetings ensure that the branding process aligns with your vision and expectations.


This collaborative approach guarantees that the final outcome truly represents your brand and resonates with your target audience.

Measuring the success of your branding efforts is vital, and at Brantive, we use a variety of metrics and tools to track performance. These include brand awareness surveys, website traffic analytics, social media engagement rates, and customer feedback. We also monitor changes in sales and market share as indicators of brand impact.


Regular reports and analysis help us understand the effectiveness of the branding strategy and make informed decisions for ongoing brand development and optimization.

New business or brand makeover? Let's make an impact together.

Consistent brand image

From your website to your social media, we ensure every touchpoint reflects your brand’s character consistently and professionally.

Target your audience

Connect effectively with your target market. Our branding strategies are designed to resonate with your specific audience, increasing engagement and loyalty.

Look fresh

Refresh your brand with innovative ideas. We bring a burst of creativity to keep your branding dynamic and contemporary.

Dedicated project manager

Single point of contact for streamlined communication, ensuring your vision and our execution align perfectly.

New or renewed

Whether starting from scratch or revamping your current identity. Our focus: make your brand stand out and resonate with your audience.

Strategic positioning

Position your brand strategically in the market. We help you define your niche, standing out from competitors and capturing the attention of potential customers.

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What's included in Brantive Digital Marketing's branding services?

Creating a distinctive brand is about more than just aesthetics; it’s about forging a deep connection with your audience. At Brantive Digital Marketing, we understand that a brand represents your business’s heart and soul. That’s why our branding services are designed to weave your unique story into every aspect of your brand, from the logo to the overall market positioning.


Our process is clear and straightforward, focusing on what sets your business apart. We believe that a strong brand identity not only resonates with your customers but also gives your business a competitive edge in the market. Whether it’s creating a striking logo, establishing a robust social media presence, or developing an all-encompassing marketing strategy, our team is dedicated to ensuring every step enhances your brand’s visibility and appeal.


With Brantive Digital Marketing, you receive personalized branding services that are tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our aim is to elevate your brand to the next level, ensuring it not only stands out but also drives tangible business growth. Let’s work together to shape the future of your brand and set a new standard in your industry.

We develop a clear roadmap for your brand’s journey, outlining strategic steps to achieve your objectives. This includes in-depth research and analysis to inform our approach, ensuring your brand not only looks good but is positioned effectively for success.

Your brand’s visual identity is its most recognizable feature. Our team crafts a unique and memorable visual style, including logo design, color schemes, and typography, making sure your brand leaves a lasting impression.

We equip you with the tools needed for powerful brand communication. This covers everything from your website and social media profiles to marketing materials, ensuring your brand’s message is consistently and effectively conveyed across all channels.

We tailor our branding services to meet your unique needs. Leveraging our digital marketing skills, we create solutions that not only define your brand identity but also enhance your online presence and engagement.

Our team excels in digital design, creating visuals that capture your brand essence. From website graphics, to social media content, we ensure every element aligns with your overall branding and digital marketing strategies.

We believe in measurable results. Our digital marketing background enables us to track the success of your branding efforts, providing insights and data to refine and enhance your strategy continuously.

At Brantive Digital Marketing, we prioritize your satisfaction. Our process includes multiple revision stages to ensure the final branding deliverables align perfectly with your vision. We work collaboratively, making adjustments until you are completely happy with the outcome, guaranteeing a brand result that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Brand building is an evolving process. We stay with you, continually adapting and enhancing your brand strategy to respond to market changes and growth opportunities. Our services include SEO enhancement, social media campaigns, and digital marketing strategy adjustments, keeping your brand fresh and relevant.

At Brantive Digital Marketing, we pride ourselves on our ability to create and nurture powerful brands. Whether you’re starting a new business, looking to refresh your existing brand, or aiming for global resonance, we’re here to make your brand stand out and succeed.