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Hyworth Forklifts partnered with Brantive to enhance their online presence in the competitive forklift industry. Through a tailored SEO strategy and effective Google Ads campaigns, Brantive significantly increased Hyworth’s organic traffic and improved their online visibility. This strategic approach led to first-page rankings for targeted keywords, enhanced user engagement on custom landing pages, and a notable increase in sales and rental inquiries, marking a successful digital transformation.

Project overview
About Hyworth Forklifts

Hyworth Forklifts, an Australian company with over a decade of experience, specializes in high-quality forklifts and exceptional customer service. Committed to enhancing operational efficiency, their product range includes Walk Behind and Pallet Movers, Electric Counterbalance, Reach Trucks, and LPG/Gas Forklifts, supported by robust after-sales services.

Project specifics

Brantive was tasked with elevating Hyworth Forklifts’ online presence in the competitive forklift industry. Our comprehensive strategy centered around two main pillars: an advanced SEO campaign and a targeted Google Ads approach. The SEO campaign focused on enhancing Hyworth’s search engine rankings for key industry terms, optimizing their website content, and building a robust backlink profile to increase organic reach in New South Wales.

Concurrently, we devised a custom Google Ads strategy aimed at driving immediate market attention and conversions. This included creating compelling ad copies, selecting strategic bidding options, and developing custom landing pages optimized for conversions. These efforts were geared towards establishing Hyworth Forklifts as a market leader in NSW, ensuring a sustainable and impactful online presence that supports both immediate sales and long-term growth.

Brantive's involvement

Selected for our expertise in digital marketing, Brantive took on the challenge of transforming Hyworth Forklifts’ online footprint. We focused on creating custom strategies tailored to Hyworth’s unique needs, leveraging our deep understanding of the industry to drive impactful results.

Overcoming digital marketing hurdles

Brantive faced substantial challenges in enhancing Hyworth Forklifts’ digital presence, primarily due to the competitive nature of the forklift industry with high-cost keywords in Google Ads. This demanded a strategic approach to maximize visibility while managing costs. Further, Hyworth’s existing website lacked conversion optimization, necessitating the creation of custom landing pages to effectively convert visitors into customers.

Compounding these issues was the client’s previous underwhelming experience with PPC advertising and the constraints of a limited budget, putting pressure on Brantive to deliver immediate, impactful results. An unexpected malware incident on the client’s website server, managed by a third party, temporarily suspended Hyworth’s Google Ads account, adding to the challenges. This required swift action to remove the malware, create new landing pages on a secured server, and liaise with Google to lift the account suspension, all while maintaining campaign momentum.

From obstacles to opportunities: A success story

Brantive’s comprehensive approach led to a notable digital transformation for Hyworth Forklifts, with significant achievements in both SEO and Google Ads campaigns. In the SEO arena, our efforts bore fruit as we observed a consistent month-on-month increase in organic traffic. We strategically targeted competitive keywords within the forklift niche, enhancing Hyworth’s visibility and search engine rankings. This steady growth in organic reach not only amplified Hyworth’s online presence but also bolstered their authority in the industry.

Parallel to our SEO successes, our Google Ads strategy was instrumental in driving immediate and impactful results. However, the campaign faced an unexpected setback when the client’s website server, managed by a different supplier, was compromised with malware. This security breach led to a temporary ban of Hyworth’s Google Ads account, posing a significant challenge to our digital strategy. Swiftly addressing this issue, we removed the malware from the client’s main website and developed three new landing pages hosted on a different server, now under our management. These landing pages were meticulously designed to optimize conversions and user engagement. Following these corrective measures, we successfully communicated with Google to have the ban lifted, allowing us to resume and intensify our advertising efforts.

The results of these actions were profound. The new landing pages significantly outperformed the main website in terms of user engagement and conversion rates. This was reflected in the improved performance metrics of our Google Ads campaigns. We observed a substantial increase in impressions by 130.24%, clicks by 142.91%, and an enhanced click-through rate (CTR) of 55.56%. Additionally, there was a notable reduction in cost per click (CPC) by 26.40% and cost per acquisition (CPA) by 14.93%, indicating a more efficient and cost-effective advertising campaign.

The synergy of our SEO and Google Ads strategies not only helped overcome the initial challenges but also laid a solid foundation for Hyworth Forklifts’ sustained digital growth. The success of these efforts highlights the importance of adaptive and responsive digital marketing strategies in the face of unforeseen obstacles.

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