Denon Australia collaborated with Brantive to revolutionize their digital footprint in the audio technology market. By deploying a custom SEO and Google Ads strategy, Brantive remarkably improved Denon’s brand recognition and sales of cutting-edge products like wireless speakers and headphones. This initiative not only elevated Denon’s position on Google’s first page for key searches but also enhanced the customer journey through tailored digital marketing solutions and engaging landing pages to support their marketing efforts in Australia.

Project overview
About Denon Australia

Denon, an acclaimed leader in the audio technology industry, offers an extensive range of state-of-the-art audio products. Their portfolio includes advanced wireless speakers, headphones, and home cinema systems, known for their superior sound quality and innovative features. Denon’s commitment to excellence is evident in their dedication to providing immersive audio experiences and exceptional customer service.

Project specifics

Brantive’s mission was to amplify Denon Australia’s online presence, focusing on elevating brand awareness and boosting sales of their next-generation products. The strategy encompassed two primary components: a meticulously planned SEO campaign and a bespoke Google Ads program. The SEO efforts aimed at propelling Denon to the forefront of search engine results for competitive audio technology keywords. Simultaneously, the Google Ads campaign was tailored to garner immediate market attention, leveraging engaging ad copies and strategically designed landing pages for optimum conversion rates.

Brantive's involvement

Chosen for our digital marketing prowess, Brantive embraced the challenge of reinventing Denon Australia’s digital narrative. Our approach involved crafting unique strategies that resonated with Denon’s brand ethos, utilizing our deep industry insights to foster significant and lasting impact in the digital domain.

Building a solid digital foundation

For Denon Australia, Brantive encountered unique challenges. Firstly, Denon AU lacked a Google Ads account, necessitating the creation of a digital marketing foundation from the ground up in Australia. The multinational scale of the company added complexity, often hindering swift access to the necessary resources and personnel for essential approvals and access. Operating in a highly competitive niche, and as a globally recognized brand, Brantive had to meticulously adhere to specific brand guidelines, adding layers of complexity to the digital strategy implementation.

Strategic collaboration and digital growth

Brantive’s strategic approach with Denon Australia culminated in a remarkable digital transformation. The custom Google Ads strategy significantly elevated brand visibility and drove conversions, especially for their advanced wireless speakers and headphones. Complementing this, a targeted SEO strategy rapidly positioned Denon’s website at the forefront of Google searches for key industry terms in Australia.

The creation of a specialized mini e-commerce site, precisely designed in Adobe XD and pixel-perfect implemented in WordPress, optimized Denon’s marketing efforts in Australia. This site played a crucial role in supporting our Google Ads campaigns, specific marketing campaigns in partnership with authorized dealers and enhancing customer engagement.

Regular fortnightly meetings with Denon’s marketing team were instrumental in ensuring the success and continual optimization of these campaigns. This collaborative approach allowed for real-time adjustments and strategy refinements, aligning closely with Denon’s evolving marketing goals.

The impact of these digital marketing efforts extended globally, notably in YouTube campaigns, where the results were so impressive that they caught the attention of Denon’s division in China. This international recognition underlined the effectiveness of the strategies implemented, laying a solid foundation for Denon’s sustained growth and leadership in the audio technology market.

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denon australia ecommerce
A sleek, user-friendly mini site designed for Denon Australia to enhance customer engagement.
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Denon's mobile site: Intuitive navigation and quick checkout for an enhanced user experience.
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Elevating Denon's brand with a strategic blend of SEO excellence and bespoke Google Ads.
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Highlighting Denon's noise-cancelling earbuds in Australia with targeted Google and YouTube ads.
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Promoting Denon Home series through targeted campaigns, directing users to a comprehensive mini site.
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With our specialized digital campaigns, the right audience explores Denon's earbuds, enriching their listening journey.
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