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Bowers & Wilkins, a respected name in high-end audio equipment, collaborated with us to enhance their digital presence in Australia. Our focus was to increase brand awareness and boost sales for their range of products, including new launches and popular items like loudspeakers and headphones. Through a well-crafted Google Ads strategy and tailored digital marketing campaigns, we successfully established a solid foundation for Bowers & Wilkins’ digital advertising across various platforms including Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This strategic approach led to increased brand visibility and customer engagement, marking a significant milestone in their digital marketing journey.

Project overview
About Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins, a global leader in high-end audio equipment, crafts premium products for a global audience. Their innovative loudspeakers, headphones, and wireless speakers blend unmatched sound quality with aesthetic design, solidifying their status in the high-end audio market. They cater to audiophiles and professionals, offering a sound experience that is both technically advanced and elegantly designed, showcasing their commitment to audio excellence.

Project specifics

We were tasked with elevating Bowers & Wilkins’ digital presence in Australia, our goal was multifaceted: attract new audiences, boost brand awareness, and drive offline sales through their extensive network of authorized dealers. Our strategy integrated comprehensive digital marketing campaigns across multiple stages of the consumer funnel, from awareness to purchase. We also conducted thorough website audits and optimizations to align with our marketing efforts, supporting key product launches and boosting brand recognition.

Brantive's involvement

Acting as an extension of Bowers & Wilkins’ marketing team, our collaboration was marked by regular updates and comprehensive reporting to the global team. This partnership was instrumental in laying a strong foundation for Bowers & Wilkins’ digital marketing efforts in Australia. Through our joint efforts, we aligned the digital strategies with the brand’s premium identity, ensuring the campaigns resonated with the unique preferences of the Australian audience. Our consistent communication and tailored strategies played a key role in reinforcing Bowers & Wilkins’ position as a leader in the luxury audio industry within the Australian market. This holistic approach encompassed various digital platforms, ensuring a cohesive and effective marketing strategy.

Turning up the volume on B&W's digital challenges

Our work with Bowers & Wilkins Australia posed unique challenges. The primary task was to build a digital advertising foundation from the ground up, encompassing Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We aimed to enhance brand awareness and drive sales for specific products like new launches, loudspeakers, and headphones in a market with high competition and distinct customer preferences. Additionally, the global team maintained the B&W website, which presented limitations in optimizing for the Australian market, particularly for mobile users who experienced a higher bounce rate. This necessitated comprehensive website audits and optimization recommendations to improve overall campaign efficacy and site performance, aligning with our strategy for targeted customer engagement across all stages of the marketing funnel.

Strategic collaboration and digital growth

Our comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Bowers & Wilkins Australia yielded remarkable results. Initially, we established a robust foundation across multiple platforms, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, to enhance brand awareness and promote specific products like new launches, loudspeakers, and headphones. Our strategy involved detailed audience analysis, competitive research, and regular updates and reports to align with B&W’s global team.

A key achievement was the significant increase in store locator clicks (+367.55%), indicating heightened interest in offline purchases. We also saw a substantial increase in headphone sales (+134.65%), demonstrating the effectiveness of our campaigns in driving both online and offline sales. The website audits provided insights for global teams to enhance mobile user experience, contributing to these successes.

Our targeted campaigns across various stages of the marketing funnel, from awareness to purchase, were instrumental in these achievements. The campaigns were tailored to align with Bowers & Wilkins’ marketing calendar, supporting product launches and seasonal promotions like Black Friday and Christmas. For instance, the comparison between pre and post-campaign periods showed a substantial increase in sales, confirming the effectiveness of our strategy despite budget constraints.

Our partnership with Bowers & Wilkins was characterized by a close collaboration, with regular updates and reports. This synergy allowed us to become an effective extension of their marketing team, offering valuable insights and strategies that resonated with the Australian market.

In summary, our efforts led to increased brand awareness, higher website traffic, and a significant boost in sales, both online and through B&W’s network of retail partners. This success is a testament to the value of a strategic and holistic approach to digital marketing in the competitive audio equipment industry.

BW 800 Series AnIconReborn
Introducing the 800 Series Signature to the Australian market with a focused digital advertising strategy.
BW 600S3 Banner Designed
Our targeted campaigns supported the 600 Series S2 launch in Australia, focusing on driving retailer sales.
wirelessspeakers formation desktop
To maintain the Formation Line's popularity in Australia, we deployed varied and strategic advertising, including successful YouTube campaigns.
Play Video
Our campaign for the PX8 headphones was aimed at boosting online/offline sales and reaching new audiences in Australia.
Play Video
We also deployed strategic campaigns for the PX7 headphones, complementing the success of the PX8.
BW Zeppelin Hero
We supported the Zeppelin's launch with carefully crafted digital advertising in the Australian market.
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